swiftyspiffy's (cole) current and past projects

Current Projects


TwitchLib is a C# library for accessing Twitch chat, whispers, API, and PubSub systems. Click here to visit the documentation site!


An online tool for generating Twitch access tokens with specific scopes (permissions). Click here to visit the tool!


An online tool for identifying playing audio in Twitch streams and Twitch clips. A Shazam for Twitch, if you will. Click here to visit the tool!

BurkeBlack Software Suite

The BurkeBlack Software Suite is made up of a C# Twitch bot and listener application. A website and a database. The only thing available to see is the website, click here to go to it!

Chrome Extension: Twitch Username and User ID Translator

A simple chrome extension that converts between Twitch usernames and Twitch User IDs.Click here to visit the Github Repo!


A simple library for interacting with the Cleverbot service using their offical API. Click here to visit the Github Repo!


This library uses the same endpoint the Steam client uses to search for Steam games and return the game name, price, game id, and link.Click here to visit the Github Repo!


This library interacts with the Strawpoll.me service using their official API. You can both create and view results from current polls.Click here to visit the Github Repo!

Twitch Multichannel Analytics Application

This application tracks chat and viewership stats of a specific channel and stores them for an over-time comparison. Not available at the moment

Previous Projects

OpenWeatherMap C# Library

To the best of my knowledge, this library is still active and funcitons perfectly. This library will consume the OpenWeatherMap API endpoint data and present it to the programmer in an easy and convient way. Click here to go to GitHub project.

XboxLeaders C# API

Before XboxLeaders was taken down, this C# library would consume XboxLeader endpoints and provide Xbox Live data in an easy and convient way. THIS IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. Click here to go to GitHub project.

Twitch Follower Mapper

This C# UI application accepts a number of users and streamers and attempts to map out how a specific viewer "found" a streamer. The way it does this is by tracking the streamers that are in common and sequential order. This way streamers can get an idea of which streamers bring them the most followers. Click here to go to GitHub project.